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Regularisation of VAT refund forms

This does not cover situations in which you have not been able to present either the form or the goods at the time of the goods’ departure from the European Union.

If your form has not been stamped by Customs upon your departure from the European Union because of the organisation of the service, in exceptional circumstances, you may request the retroactive certification of the form.
However, you must send a request for regularisation before the expiry of the six-month period beginning on the date of purchase, to the Regional Directorate of Customs and Excise whose jurisdiction includes your point of departure from the European Union.

You must state:

  • The reasons that prevented you from completing the Customs formalities for export
  • The name of the Customs office at your point of departure and the date of your departure from the European Union.

You must enclose with your request:

  • Any official paper proving that you are a habitual resident outside the European Union and that you visited France for a period of under six months (photocopy of passport, identity card, consular card, residence permit, etc.)
  • Proof of export of the goods: by having Box C2 of the VAT refund form stamped by Customs in your country of residence or a Customs receipt, or by having an accredited authority in the French embassy or consulate issue a certificate or stamp Box C2 of the VAT refund form
  • The second sheet of the original VAT refund form
  • A photocopy of your travel ticket.

Please contact us for further explanations.